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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions

Please read through the following FAQ as it may answer any questions you have and save you time.

If, however, you can’t find an answer to your question here, please contact us using our enquiry form.

PLEASE NOTE : To provide you with a first class, personal service, appointments are required for all fittings and consultations.

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Q: How long does it take to make a bespoke bridal gown?

A: We ask for at least six months and a little longer if possible.

Q: How many consultations are needed?

A: Usually two. The first consultation is to evaluate and understand your requirements and to discuss fabrics and designs as well as the timescales involved and a projected overall cost. The second consultation is confirm the design and choice of fabric and detailing etc.

Q: How many fittings will I need?

A: Typically three. One to fit a calico version of your gown on you, a second appointment to fit your nearly complete gown and a final fitting when the gown has been completed.

Q: How much does a bespoke wedding gown cost?

A: A bespoke wedding gown starts from £950.00.

Q: How much does a bespoke bridesmaids dress cost?

A: A bespoke bridesmaids dress starts from £250.00.

Q: How much does a bespoke prom dress cost?

A: A bespoke prom dress starts from £275.00.

Q: How do we book a gown?

A: Once the initial designs are drawn up or we have in our possession the item you want copied we can agree a price. We will ask you to sign an official order.

Q: Can I change the design once we have agreed the price?

A: We are very flexible so you can change the design at any time. Whether the price is affected depends on the type of change. If no further costs are involved in time or materials then the overall cost will not be affected. If, however, we need to re-work or undo work already carried out, then an additional charge will be added to the final payment.

Q: Do you cater for plus sizes?

A: Yes. We are a specialist supplier of plus size bridal wear and prom dresses in the UK. We can produce made-to-measure gowns if required.

Q: Do you make stage costumes?

A: Yes. We have many years experience in this field with two theatre groups.


Q: How long do alterations take?

A: This largely depends on the amount of work involved and the amount of detailing on the item along with the way in which the item has been constructed with many garments having to be taken taken apart and then put back together. If the item is heavily decorated this also usually has to be removed and then replaced by hand. Generally, this takes two to three weeks.

Q: Do you alter items that have not been purchased from you?

A: Yes. But, as with any garment we will need to see it first before we can agree to undertake any alterations for you.

Q: Will I need to sign a disclaimer?

A: Yes, in the case of items purchased elsewhere because we won’t have prior knowledge of the quality of the goods. For example, we may find clipped seams, frayed edges or inferior construction. The disclaimer is simply a safeguard against this.

Q: Can you embellish a plain garment?

A: Yes with crystals, pearls, sequins or lace. We cannot, however, embroider.

Q: How much do alterations cost?

A: Please refer to our price guide.

Q: How much does a made-to-measure gown cost??

A: This depends on a number of factors. Principally, the type of fabric, the amount of detail and the complexity of the item.


Q: How long do repairs take?

A: This again largely depends on the work involved and is subject to sight of the garment but typically, two to three weeks is the norm.

Q: How much do repairs cost?

A: We can only advise you on price once we have seen the garment.

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